Friday, December 31, 2010

New Art Added: 12/31/10!!! David Lloyd

Several pages by David Lloyd added.  Hellblazer: The Devil you Know (Horrorist) painted pages.  Also, many of David's pages from Aliens: Glass Corridor.

 Click here to view David's pages

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Update 12/12/10. New art added! Young, Stegman, Hardman, Frison, Seeley, Lucas & Burnham

Jenny Frison - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (IDW)

Click here to view Jenny's art from Alice

Skottie Young - Ozma of Oz #1 & 2 (Marvel)

Click here to see Skottie's Ozma pages

Gabriel Hardman - Hulk #27 (Marvel)

Click here to view Gabriel's pages from Hulk

Ryan Stegman - She-Hulks #2 (Marvel)

Click here to view Ryan's pages from She-Hulks

Sean Murphy - Hellblazer: City of Demons #4 (Vertigo)

 Click here to view Sean's pages from Hellblazer: COD

Tim Seeley - Dungeons and Dragons Cover (IDW)

Click here for the cover listing

Tim Seeley - New Hack Slash Covers (Image)

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Chris Burnham - Batman and Robin #16 (DC)

Click here to view Chris' Batman and Robin pages

Chris Burnham - New art from Amory Wars (Boom Studios)

 Click here to view Chris' Amory pages

New Artist!! John Lucas - Art from Streets of Gotham, Mighty Crusader, Arkham and others! 

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