Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Art Updates - 4/10/11

Lots of new art added!!! - 4/10/11

Chris Burnham - Batman Inc. #4 Pages

Click here to view Burnham's pages

Rebekah Issacs - Captain Americ/ Falcon, Hack/Slash, DV8 pages

 Click here to view Rebekah's pages

Ryan Stegman - She-Hulks #4, X-23 #8, Fear Itself: Deadpool Covers

 Click here to view Stegman's pages

Pere Perez - Action Comics, Batgirl, Return of Bruce Wayne pages

Click here to view Pere's pages

Christopher Mitten - Wasteland, Kane & Lynch and The Murder of King Tut pages

Click here to view Christopher's pages

Jim Clark - Ex Machina pages (Pencils by Tony Harris)

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John Lucas - X-Force (pencils by Esad Ribic), Conan, Road of Kings (pencils by Mike Hawthorne)
Click here to view John's pages

Sheldon Vella - Deapool and X-Men: To Serve and Protect pages

Click here to view Sheldon's pages

Jeff Zornow - Tyrannosaurus Rex (Image) pages

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Jamal Igle - Supergirl pages

Click here to view Jamal's pages

Tony Shasteen - Witchblade - 2010 Annual

Click here to view Tony's pages

Gabriel Hardman - Hulk #28 - 30 pages

Click here to view Gabriel's pages

Tim Seeley - Spidergirl, Dean Koontz's Frankenstein and Hulk pages

Clcik here to view Seeley's pages