Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Enter to win original art by Mike Norton!!

Enter to win original art by Mike Norton!!  Green Arrow Black/Canary #8 page 16!

To enter, follow Cadence Comic Art on twitter here and retweet the one of the giveaway posts.  Winner will be selected this Friday, 5/27/11.

(the artwork measures 11.5x11")

Monday, May 23, 2011

New art for sale updates!! (5/23/11)

New art available for sale by James Silvani, Ryan Stegman, Christopher Mitten, Sheldon Vella, James Stokoe etc.

James Silvani - The artist of Darkwing Duck (Boom!Studios)

Click here to view James' art

Ryan Stegman - X23 #9
Click here to view Ryan's art

James Stokoe - Strange Tales Vol.2 (Marvel)

Click here to view's James' art
Sheldon Vella - Deadpool #36

Click here to view Sheldon's art

Michael Gaydos - Wolverine #3

Click here to view Michael's art

Christopher Mitten - Joker pinup

Click here to view Christopher's art